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Drinns DCNC Series 36 Axis Multi Purposes Milling and Turning Machine
X Axis (X1-X2-X3-X4-X5-X6) mm   200
Y Axis (Y1-Y2-Y3-Y4-Y5-Y6) mm   200
Z Axis (Z1-Z2-Z3-Z4-Z5-Z6) mm   200
Distane Between Spindle Nose to Table mm   150-350
Distance Between Columns mm   4500
Table Size (6 Pieces) mm   1600 x 543
T Slots mm   14x27x2
Maximum Table Load kg   386
Speed rpm   8000
Spindle Taper     BT40
Spindle Motor Power kW   20
Axis Speed (X,Y,Z) m/min   15/15/15
Cutting Feed Rate m/min   8/8/8
X,Y,Z Axis Motor Power Nm   3,3 / 3,3 / 2,7
X,Y,Z Axis Rail Movement     Ballscrew
X,Y,Z Axis Rail Type     Roller Type Linear Slide
Energy Requirement KVA   80
Machine Weight kg   35000


** Our machines are produced in special design, dimensions and accessories according to the customer requirements